Community Benefit Plans – who plans?

When reflecting on my work over the past two decades – I can clearly connect the dots to realize that I’ve been aiming to build communities everywhere I’ve landed.

To make the world a better place

As a book of my kids suggests, is exactly what I’ve striven to do. This has not always been met with smooth sailing and lack of conflict and this is primarily because I’ve been an idiot at times. True story.

However, this post is not about my faults (we’ll cover those later). What it is about is community building. With 20 years to reflect on, it’s easier to see my life purpose. And now I can direct this purpose, and experience, into helping build community benefit plans for communities and organizations around the globe.

And where to start? Why not within the realm of legalized cannabis. These communities have a cultural shift like we have not seen – for many of us who’ve lived under a century. Legal cannabis can bring wonderful changes along with wonderful challenges. And when a community is active in building itself – using change – then is can support the people that live, work, play, and grow there.

Without intention — perhaps some companies make some dollars. And perhaps people struggle to identify with each other.

Community Benefit Plans bring all community stakeholders to the same table – dig deep within the community fabric: it’s history, it’s desires, it’s assets — and utilize the strengths to help support the people who live there. It’s a focus on win/win/win/win/win/win…..and wins. The possibilities and not the limitations.

Sure it takes time. And it benefits every community – be it an organization, municipality, town, or country. As change sweeps across the world – being intentional and using change can have massive positive affect.

~Community Benefit Plans~ The power to use change.