Matthew S. Kuehlhorn

This is Matthew Kuehlhorn’s official site. Matthew’s aim is to bring positive change to individuals and organizations with the purpose of positively impacting communities wherever he lives, works, and plays.

Matthew’s current projects include:


What I do

  • Bring about positive change with a focus on outcomes.
  • Facilitate forward thinking conversations.
  • Drive constant and strategic improvement in organizations and people’s lives.
  • Build community with business.

Additional letters of recommendation available upon request.


Contact me anytime.

To inquire about joining Team Praxis, consulting or training, or Kooler, please connect with me.

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Community Benefit – A plan for people.

Community Benefit – A plan for people.

Community Benefit Plans - who plans? When reflecting on my work over the past two decades - I can clearly connect the dots to realize that I've been aiming to build communities everywhere I've landed. To make the world a better place As a book of my kids suggests, is...

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A story of a boy – who became the man.

A story of a boy – who became the man.

There once was a boy. And he was a good boy. He grew up eating corn flakes and granulated sugar. He loved his ketchup and he did what was right. He went to school and achieved good grades. He was nice to people and obeyed authority. He rarely broke the rules. And if...

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